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Seeking ways to receive child support

Following divorce, many parents are faced with delinquent child support and struggle with providing for their families. However, numerous New Jersey spouses are implementing all possible methods to secure the welfare of their children. One of them includes keeping the other spouse involved in the life of their offspring. Emotional and often bitter about the end of the union, many parents prevent the other from visiting children due to a lack of regular payments on their behalf. This method of punishment often results in resentment and permanent withdrawal of child support.

Many divorced parents make a mistake of including the child support payments within their budget. If an ex is not reliable or becomes unemployed, the sudden lack of this additional income may severely affect the quality of life and daily needs of the children and the custodial parent. The alimony payments should be kept separate and used in addition to the existing budget instead of part of it.

If the ex-partner is unable to pay the scheduled amount in full, re-negotiating the sum may bring about favorable results. This amount can be always raised once the paying spouse re-gains employment or improves their financial status. In extreme cases, the involvement of attorneys and courts may become unavoidable.

Law enforcement can implement other methods of retrieval to force the negligent parent to forward the payments. These may include wage garnishment, suspension of driver's or professional license, and imprisonment. Probation departments may be engaged to enforce present laws. If the ex-spouse is not willing to make any effort to help out financially, many states govern the engagement of the county sheriff to collect payments. A family law attorney can provide detailed information and legal guidance for individuals who are seeking help with child support.

Source: US News, "What to Do When Your Ex Won’t (or Can’t) Pay Child Support", Geoff Williams, November 20, 2013

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