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New Jersey pharmacist facing possible drug charges

When a New Jersey resident is facing drug charges on his or her criminal record, nothing is worse than not really deserving those charges. Drug charges can lead to serious jail time, in addition to hours of community service and heavy fines. What can be more upsetting to someone charged with a drug crime is believing there is no proof or evidence to support the charge.

A recent drug bust led to the arrest of a New Jersey pharmacist. New Jersey Police, the FBI and the DEA apparently had been watching this man for some time before arresting him. At the time of his arrest, officers believe the man was attempting to make a drug lab in his apartment.

The pharmacist had allegedly obtained ingredients commonly used to make drugs, officers said -- although he had not actually made any of these drugs. He had apparently bought most of the "ingredients" in his apartment from an online store. Police believe the pharmacist was going to make a drug called MDA. MDA is a hallucinogen that could be compared to the drug Ecstasy.

If this pharmacist is convicted of these drug charges, he faces a $1 million fine, in addition to a maximum of 20 years in a New Jersey prison. Even if the man does not serve jail time, his livelihood could be ruined as a result of these drug charges. An employer would not likely want to work with a pharmacist who has drug charges on his record, as this could be a liability to any pharmacy. Knowledge regarding drug statutes in the state of New Jersey could be beneficial in an attempt at a successful outcome in this case. The pharmacist has options and rights and can only be convicted if proved guilty.

Source:, Neighbors react after alleged drug lab bust in Jersey City, No Author, Nov. 15, 2013

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