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New Jersey man facing DUI charge may consider an appeal

Many New Jersey residents know that a DUI charge can have a severe impact on one's life. Livelihood can be lost, future employers may not want to hire someone with a DUI charge and licenses could be suspended or revoked all together. A New Jersey man has just been accused of a DUI, but not while driving -- while sitting in his truck.

The 46-year-old man reportedly drove his truck off of a parking lot outside of a New Jersey bar. Reports say that when officers found him the frame of his truck was stuck in what appeared to have been soft dirt. It is unknown how or why the truck was stuck in the dirt this way, but when officers arrived they claim that the man was just sitting in his truck.

The officers were apparently at the scene to make sure the bar was closed at the legal hour according to New Jersey law. The man who had his vehicle stuck was arrested for drunk and careless driving, although he was simply sitting in his vehicle. His truck was impounded as he was booked into jail. He was able to be released from the jail until his court date of mid-November.

This New Jersey man may potentially always be known as a drunk driver. However, due to the circumstances surrounding this man's arrest and charges pressed against him, it is very likely he will want to fight this DUI charge. The accused could benefit from educating himself on the New Jersey statute of drunk driving as well as his options for a potential criminal defense or plea bargain.

Source: The Progress News, North Caldwell man charged for alleged drunken driving, No Author, Oct. 31, 2013

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