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New Jersey collision causes both drivers to face a DWI charge

Some drivers may make the mistake of believing that they are able to operate a vehicle while under the influence. In some cases, the driver may not exhibit any obvious signs that alcohol was consumed before driving. However, chance circumstances can still lead to a driver facing a DWI charge if a roadblock is set up or even if another driver becomes involved in the situation.

Two drivers from New Jersey are facing charges for driving while intoxicated after one driver crashed into the rear of the other's vehicle. Reports state that an officer was called to a scene due to a dead deer being in the roadway. The officer stopped his vehicle in the road with emergency lights on to draw attention to his presence. A pick-up truck reportedly approached the scene and stopped while the officer attempted to clear the deer from the street.

While stopped, a minivan reportedly came upon the scene and hit the back of the stopped truck. As a result, the officer was almost hit as the truck was pushed into his patrol car. After the collision, the officer allegedly determined both drivers to have been under the influence, though it was not reported how he came to his conclusion. At this time, both drivers are facing DWI charges and other respective allegations.

As this situation shows, a DWI charge can come to more than one driver at the same time and that circumstances could arise in any situation that could alert authorities to possible intoxication. As both drivers are currently facing charges, they may wish to gather information on relevant New Jersey laws relating to their situations. Knowledge of the laws and criminal proceedings that they may have to deal with could help them better understand their options and what paths they may wish to take.

Source:, Driver plows into pickup, officer nearly hit, on Bloomfield Avenue during dead deer cleanup, No author, Oct. 31, 2013

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