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Drug charges for New Jersey man allegedly caught with marijuana

A 46-year-old New Jersey man knows all too well of the consequences of being accused of possessing drugs or paraphernalia. He was recently arrested after his complex manager told police they found marijuana plants being grown in his home. Being arrested and possibly convicted on drug charges can likely prove difficult for someone to move past. The first step to overcoming such charges is for one to make sure they are knowledgeable on drug statutes in their state, in addition to their own personal rights.

The man, apparently living in a condo, was having maintenance done in his home. The maintenance workers, who were employed by the management of his condo, claimed to have seen drug paraphernalia in the man's home, in addition to 43 marijuana plants and 7.5 pounds of the drug in packaging. They reported to have found the drugs when they went in to do the required maintenance. The town's police officials were then called in to confirm that the suspected 43 plants were in fact marijuana.

After confirmation, the man was arrested and sent to jail where he is currently being held on a $100,000 bail. Clearly the man is facing serious charges and a possible prison sentence if he is in fact convicted of these drug charges. Not only is he being charged with possession of paraphernalia and marijuana, he is being accused of intending to sell the said drugs.

Although there are serious drug charges being pressed on this man, he will remain innocent unless he can be proved guilty of the crimes of which he is charged. Knowledge of his rights before he goes in front of the New Jersey courtroom could prove very beneficial. It is important that he is given a fair trial, in hopes of positively moving forward from this event.

Source:, Arrest made in suspected pot grow operation in Vernon, No author, Nov. 22, 2013

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