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November 2013 Archives

Drug charges for New Jersey man allegedly caught with marijuana

A 46-year-old New Jersey man knows all too well of the consequences of being accused of possessing drugs or paraphernalia. He was recently arrested after his complex manager told police they found marijuana plants being grown in his home. Being arrested and possibly convicted on drug charges can likely prove difficult for someone to move past. The first step to overcoming such charges is for one to make sure they are knowledgeable on drug statutes in their state, in addition to their own personal rights.

New Jersey pharmacist facing possible drug charges

When a New Jersey resident is facing drug charges on his or her criminal record, nothing is worse than not really deserving those charges. Drug charges can lead to serious jail time, in addition to hours of community service and heavy fines. What can be more upsetting to someone charged with a drug crime is believing there is no proof or evidence to support the charge.

New Jersey man facing DUI charge may consider an appeal

Many New Jersey residents know that a DUI charge can have a severe impact on one's life. Livelihood can be lost, future employers may not want to hire someone with a DUI charge and licenses could be suspended or revoked all together. A New Jersey man has just been accused of a DUI, but not while driving -- while sitting in his truck.

School bus driver pleads guilty to DUI charge while driving bus

One taboo to honor is no drunk driving while operating a school bus. One woman entered a plea of guilty in a New Jersey court on Oct. 28 to charges that she drove a school bus with 25 middle school children onboard while her blood alcohol level was .25 percent. That far exceeds the .08 percent legal threshold for drunkenness in New Jersey. She pleaded guilty to a DUI charge and to endangering the welfare of a child.

New Jersey collision causes both drivers to face a DWI charge

Some drivers may make the mistake of believing that they are able to operate a vehicle while under the influence. In some cases, the driver may not exhibit any obvious signs that alcohol was consumed before driving. However, chance circumstances can still lead to a driver facing a DWI charge if a roadblock is set up or even if another driver becomes involved in the situation.

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