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2 men face fraud allegations for store gift cards in New Jersey

Just as there are several types of white-collar crimes, there are many types of fraud. When the average American citizen thinks of credit card fraud, that citizen will probably think of identity theft and using another person's credit card; however, credit card fraud can even cover even store gift cards. Two men are facing fraud allegations in New Jersey in relation to store gift cards from a popular pharmacy chain.

The police were allegedly called to a local CVS Pharmacy store because two men were purchasing several store gift cards for large dollar amounts. This supposedly matched a previous fraud claim filed with CVS Loss Prevention. When the police caught up with their vehicle, the passenger allegedly was in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Both men were eventually arrested and charged with forgery and theft by deception on top of their fraud allegations. The passenger also faces charges in relation to the marijuana he was said to be in possession of, and the driver faces multiple counts of additional credit card fraud charges. They are each being held at a $30,000 bail.

The report does not state what the officers believe the men were going to do with the store gift cards, and it does not clearly state how the men broke the law outside of the claimed marijuana possession. All accused persons are innocent unless and until proved guilty in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. It is important that anyone facing criminal charges in New Jersey such as fraud allegations be assured fair and unbiased criminal proceedings, and there are a number of legal protections at the state and federal level for the benefit of those charged with crimes.

Source:, N.Y. men charged with credit card fraud in Mount Olive, cops say, Justin Zaremba, Sept. 28, 2013

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