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Speeding leads New Jersey police to arrest 3 on drug charges

What may start as a routine traffic stop may escalate to a full on arrest if police have reason to further their investigation beyond the mere issuance of a ticket. However, in order to further the scope of a stop, police must point to certain indicators that lead them to suspect that further criminal acts were being committed by the occupants of the car. If there is a question as to whether New Jersey law enforcement had the proper cause to detain the occupants, this could put into question the validity of the drug charges that the defendants have been arrested on.

In a recent arrest of three individuals, police stated that they initially made a traffic stop for speeding. After an undisclosed investigation occurred, police stated that they were able to seize a large amount of heroin. It has been alleged that the heroin had over $14,000 in value if sold on the street.

Police also seized over $1,000 from the vehicle. They then took the three occupants, a 33-year-old woman and two 34-year-old men, into custody. All three are currently being held in a local jail for lack of $100,000 bail.

Absent from this report are any of the details that lead New Jersey police to suspect that the occupants were in possession of drugs when they initially came into contact with them. Only if the evidence supports such a suspicion will the officer's intrusion on the defendant's privacy be justified. If there is little evidence to support the search, the defendants may be able to seek a dismissal of the drug charges issued against them as a result of their rights being violated.

Source:, Three arrested, $11,500 worth of heroin seized after car pulled over for speeding (PHOTOS), Anthony G. Attrino, Sept. 9, 2013

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