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Man arrested in hospital owes $24,127 child support

Watchung police took two men into custody after they had found them sitting in a parked vehicle in the parking lot of a closed park. Both men had outstanding warrants, including one out of Somerset County in excess of $24,000 for missed child support payments. The second man was taken into custody because he had an outstanding municipal warrant in the amount of $500.

The police approached the men in the park because they found it suspicious that their car was there after dark. According to the Acting Chief of the Watchung Police, all parks in the borough close at dusk.

Records indicate that both men were processed at the Watchung Police headquarters. The one without the child custody warrant was released with a court date; however, the man who owed the child support was being held at the Somerset County Jail where he awaited a court date.

The penalties for refusing to pay child support can be steep, and if people do not keep up with their payments, they could possible find themselves in jail. The subjects of child support and custody are often the most contentious as far as divorce proceedings are concerned. Those struggling with issues related to child support and custody may benefit from speaking with an attorney, who may be able to offer suggestions and options on the best direction in which to proceed. An attorney may be able to help parents understand the law and the manner in which it can best protect them. Doing so might better prepare them to make decisions that they feel may benefit their children the most.

Source:, "Two men arrested in park, one owed $24,127 child support, Watchung Police say", Walter O'Brien, August 26, 2013

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