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New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving with child in vehicle

Police were recently called to the office of a New Jersey children's doctor. The request was made concerning a woman who is now charged with drunk driving. She is accused of a DUI while taking her child to an appointment at the office. Police also claim that the woman tried to interfere with them while they were carrying out their duties.

The mother is alleged to have arrived at the doctor's office in the mid-afternoon for an appointment for her daughter. The office workers called the police because they claim that the mother was behaving in an erratic manner, and she was reportedly untidy and rumpled in appearance. The staff also claimed that she had an odor of alcohol about her person.

The woman also is said to have been speaking indistinctly and was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. The office personnel say they called the police because they believed the mother posed a possible threat to her child's safety due to the alleged drunk driving. When law enforcement arrived at the office, the mother and child had already been separated from each other.

The woman stated when she was questioned that she had driven her daughter to the office for an appointment. She has been charged with drunk driving as well as placing her child in harm's way because of it. This woman is facing serious charges due to allegations that she had her minor child with her while she was intoxicated. Apart from the criminal proceedings, she may also face a Child Protection and Permanency inquiry regarding her parenting decisions. New Jersey laws will ensure that her rights are protected while she seeks the best possible outcome to these charges, not just for her but also for her daughter and her daughter's well being.

Source:, "Bedminster woman charged with driving drunk with daughter to doctor's visit," Bill Wichert, July 23, 2013

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