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New Jersey man charged with drug possession

New Jersey police have recently arrested a 25-year-old- man. The accused has been charged with drug possession. He is currently waiting further proceedings in his case.

The officer who made the arrest stated that he did so due to the unusual behavior that the man was exhibiting. The man was apparently in the parking area of a local grocery store when the officer witnessed what he described as questionable behavior. After the accused man had gotten into his car and attempted to leave the parking area, the officer made a traffic stop.

After the policeman conducted a search of the vehicle, he claimed to have found a prescription medication. However, the man was apparently in possession of the drug without having a valid prescription for it. The drugs, amphetamines, are listed as a drug that is controlled and requires a valid doctor prescription. The drugs were not in an approved container when the officer found them.

This man is now being charged with drug possession, and having a potentially dangerous substance without having a valid right to possess it. This type of drug is known for it's potential to cause addiction in users and for this reason, it is dispensed carefully for legitimate medical indications. New Jersey laws will ensure that this man's rights are protected as his case continues in the court system. He may have recourse to information that may help him to decide what decisions he might make in order to be able to resolve the charges against him for the best possible resolution in his present circumstances.

Source:, Suspicious behavior leads to drug charges, No author, Aug. 24, 2013

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