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New Jersey leader working to end fraud in pension system

The governor of New Jersey has recently made a move to help solve a problem in the state's pension system. The new office that the governor has started will be responsible for ending fraud by ensuring that ineligible workers are not collecting payments that they are not supposed to receive. The state, like others, is trying to fund a depleted retirement system for its workers.

The person that has been charged with the responsibility to end abuse in the system has experience with similar tasks in the past. The man has worked for the IRS and has worked in a white collar crime division in the past. The governor has expressed a recurrent concern about protecting the retirement system for future retirees.

The need for reform was apparently sparked by a case of a man who had worked on the police force and had gone out of duty allegedly due to disability. The man was able to receive funds from the state because he was once a state worker. However, the same man is alleged to have been able to appear on a television program in spite of not being able to perform his duties on the job. There have been numerous reports of other people also receiving payments that the state had decided were not qualified to collect.

While New Jersey is working to ensure that there will be available funding in the future for retirees, there may be citizens that are accused of improperly receiving money. Nevertheless, not everyone accused of fraud is guilty. There is a significant distinction between an accusation of criminal conduct and a conviction obtained after trial. Those facing criminal charges can take comfort in knowing that there are resources available that may be useful in finding the best resolution in these situations.

Source:, "Christie signs order creating unit to probe public pensions fraud," Anthony Campisi and John Reitmeyer, Aug. 7, 2013

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