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August 2013 Archives

New Jersey leader working to end fraud in pension system

The governor of New Jersey has recently made a move to help solve a problem in the state's pension system. The new office that the governor has started will be responsible for ending fraud by ensuring that ineligible workers are not collecting payments that they are not supposed to receive. The state, like others, is trying to fund a depleted retirement system for its workers.

New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving with child in vehicle

Police were recently called to the office of a New Jersey children's doctor. The request was made concerning a woman who is now charged with drunk driving. She is accused of a DUI while taking her child to an appointment at the office. Police also claim that the woman tried to interfere with them while they were carrying out their duties.

Former New Jersey official facing embezzlement charges

People who are elected to public office are trusted by their constituents to conduct themselves with integrity as they carry out their duties. While most do so, unfortunately, sometimes a few elected officials may appear to fall from grace when they are accused of breaking the public trust by allegedly engaging in unlawful activities that can sometimes result in some individuals facing embezzlement charges. One such case is a New Jersey former mayor who is being accused of misusing public monies. He has not yet had the opportunity to address these charges publicly.

New Jersey man charged with drunk driving after low speed chase

In the movies, high speed chase scenes involve dramatic, over the top action and frequent destructive accidents. However, one real life police pursuit involved low speeds and tireless rims and ended in a man being charged with drunk driving. The New Jersey resident was accused of driving while impaired after an alleged five mile chase.

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