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Authorities claim 23 facing fraud allegations in New Jersey

Many people enjoy visiting casinos for a variety of reasons, including some for serious gambling and others because they enjoy the thrill of chance. For a few though, according to law enforcement officials in New Jersey, some visits to casinos have ended in 23 people facing fraud allegations. The police claim that of the people indicted, 16 are in custody and the seven alleged to still be wanted have had warrants issued for their arrests.

According to those officers and officials involved, the charges are based on allegations that these 23 people pretended to be the owners of several business accounts at one major bank. These people are then accused of making withdrawals from those same accounts. The police state that most of the reportedly illegal transactions were carried out at Atlantic City casinos.

The accused are facing charges of racketeering in addition to the fraud allegations. The amount that is reported to have been withdrawn illegally is over $250,000. Police have stated that the alleged operation was a complicated plot and involved detailed planning. Officials claim that most of the alleged suspects are residents of New York with a few from other locales.

The 23 people that are accused of having taken part in this alleged crime are facing serious charges. The legal proceedings ahead of them will be difficult for them and will likely require that they prepare some sort of skilled defense if they do not decide to negotiate with prosecutors. Every state has laws that ensure that the rights of anyone facing fraud allegations or charges of any other type of crime are protected. New Jersey has made resources available for anyone who may need assistance in seeking out information in these types of situations.

Source:, "23 indicted in NJ for alleged bank fraud scheme," June 27, 2013

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