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5 New Jersey men face drug charges

Wildwood New Jersey is known as a favored summer getaway for thousands of people every year. However for five men that are facing drug charges as well as other alleged crimes, they would probably prefer to be anywhere else right now. These men have been accused by law enforcement officials of a number of serious offenses.

The men, who range in age from 20 to 47, are all being charged with possession of different substances, possession with the intent to distribute, possession within a school zone, possession with intent to distribute inside a public place zone and other charges as well. The five are currently in jail awaiting the opportunity to post bail. In addition, one of the men has been charged with allegedly resisting arrest and there are also possible handgun charges to be filed.

All of the charges that these men are facing are serious. They will need expert legal counsel throughout the upcoming legal proceedings. The police have reported that these charges are a result of a several weeks long investigation. All of these men will each get the opportunity to present a vigorous defense against all of the alleged charges. In addition, some charges could be dropped after an investigation is completed.

Whenever law enforcement believes that there may be alleged crimes including drug activity being committed they are required to investigate. During the course of these investigations arrests will possibly be made and drug charges could be filed. It is at this time that New Jersey has provided for the rights of accused individuals. Anyone who finds that they are being accused of a crime such as these men have been should avail themselves of expert professionals to assist and counsel them through any and all legal proceedings.

Source:, "Five face drug charges," July 2, 2013

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