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July 2013 Archives

New Jersey traffic stop ends with drug charges

Police officers are often assigned routine tasks such as watching for speeders and other minor traffic violations. One such stop has resulted in a speeding violation accusation for a driver and drug charges for the car owner. The stop was made in the early morning hours in a New Jersey town.

Authorities claim 23 facing fraud allegations in New Jersey

Many people enjoy visiting casinos for a variety of reasons, including some for serious gambling and others because they enjoy the thrill of chance. For a few though, according to law enforcement officials in New Jersey, some visits to casinos have ended in 23 people facing fraud allegations. The police claim that of the people indicted, 16 are in custody and the seven alleged to still be wanted have had warrants issued for their arrests.

5 New Jersey men face drug charges

Wildwood New Jersey is known as a favored summer getaway for thousands of people every year. However for five men that are facing drug charges as well as other alleged crimes, they would probably prefer to be anywhere else right now. These men have been accused by law enforcement officials of a number of serious offenses.

Ex cop gets minimum term for attempted sexual assault offense

A former New Jersey police officer recently agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors recently. In so doing, a number of pending criminal charges involving at least three separate victims were resolved. As a result of the deal with prosecutors, the 41-year-old man pleaded guilty to more than one attempted assault offense in full satisfaction of all outstanding charges against him.

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