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2 New Jersey men charged with drug offenses

Two men were arrested during a recent evening out. The arrests occurred outside of Caesar's Lounge in Glassboro, New Jersey, after police observed a man entering the passenger seat of a car parked outside the establishment, carrying what they believed was a drink containing alcohol. The officers on the scene were aware that the young man was under the age of 21, and approached the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle, the young man and the driver of the car were charged with drug offenses.

The man holding the drink was found to be 19 years of age. Police searched his person, and allegedly found drug paraphernalia in his possession, the nature of which was not reported. After completing the search on the first suspect, the police then moved on to search the driver of the car. The second suspect was charged with possession of crack cocaine as well as marijuana, and intent to distribute drugs, along with lesser charges. Police reports indicate the recovery of a total of 17 bags of crack cocaine from within the vehicle.

The other young man was charged with possession of crack cocaine, intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. Since this incident occurred close to a school, police also charged both suspects with possessing drugs within one thousand feet of a school. An employee of the nightclub was also charged with selling alcohol to a minor.

Being charged with drug offenses can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming for New Jersey residents. However, those who are facing drug charges do not have to go through the legal process alone. Anyone charged with a crime in New Jersey has the right to obtain legal advice before moving forward through the criminal court system. Doing so can help accused parties obtain a favorable outcome and move forward with the rest of their lives unencumbered by a criminal conviction.

Source: South Jersey Times, "Glassboro police arrest two on drug charges Saturday night," Andy Polhamus, June 9, 2013

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