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June 2013 Archives

New Jersey man was shot in face and then arrested on drug charges

A New Jersey man that was recently shot in the face was placed under arrest on drug charges shortly after his medical ordeal. The 20-year-old man was found to be in possession of five clear capsules of the time of the shooting. Police believe the capsules were the drug that is commonly called ecstasy and responded by accusing the man of drug charges.

Cape May County prosecutes 2 on drug charges

When a resident calls 911 during a moment of crisis for him or herself or an acquaintance, they know they can expect proper emergency personnel to arrive on scene in a timely manner to provide appropriate care and aid. Emergency personnel would like the last thing on someone's mind when he or she calls for assistance to be a concern over whether they will be arrested due to a health crisis caused by alleged criminal behavior. However, Cape May County prosecutors, in conjunction with prosecutors from a neighboring county, are now pursuing drug charges against two men after two separate calls after an alleged heroin overdose.

2 New Jersey men charged with drug offenses

Two men were arrested during a recent evening out. The arrests occurred outside of Caesar's Lounge in Glassboro, New Jersey, after police observed a man entering the passenger seat of a car parked outside the establishment, carrying what they believed was a drink containing alcohol. The officers on the scene were aware that the young man was under the age of 21, and approached the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle, the young man and the driver of the car were charged with drug offenses.

Placed under arrest? Court says your DNA is up for grabs

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling on June 3 that could affect anyone accused of a crime. If you've been arrested, it is likely you were fingerprinted and photographed. Now, the Supreme Court says the police can also grab a sample of your DNA.

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