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Prenups can benefit most couples

New Jersey residents who are thinking about marriage may not realize that a prenuptial agreement could save them a lot of heartache and trouble in the future, no matter what their income level. In addition to the fact that few people want to think about a divorce when they are about to tie the knot, many assume that prenups are exclusively for the rich. However, prenups can help couples determine how future earnings and debts are split if they decide to dissolve their marriage.

Even if individuals who are getting married have little in the way of assets or earnings, that does not mean they will never end up with a good job and large income. A prenup can determine how money will be split up should one or both individuals end up with a job or owning a business that provides large amounts of revenue. For someone who is just starting a business or a career, having a prenup can go a long way to protecting their assets from a divorce.

On the other hand, debt is another huge issue for couples. If one person has a financial history of racking up debt, a prenup could ensure that both individuals are not saddled with debt one person racked up. Additionally, if one person ends up purchasing an expensive vehicle or takes out school loans, a prenup could ensure that only the person who benefits pays for it if a couple divorces.

Speaking with a lawyer about a prenup may be a good idea for those considering marriage. It could help them understand their options and how to protect themselves from divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, "Prenups: Not Just For The Wealthy," Jason Marks, April 25, 2013

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