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Certain drug crime convictions could soon result in car seizure

A measure aimed to cut back on crime in New Jersey is advancing as the Senate recently approved legislation that would permit authorities to seize vehicles involved in certain illegal acts and exchanges. The measure appears to target drug crimes as the heroin epidemic in New Jersey continues to grow and spread into the suburbs.

Senator Norcross authored the measure because he feels that inhibiting drug dealers from driving to young addicts living in suburban areas will curtail a pattern of drug abuse and addiction. The senator says, “If police were allowed to impound their vehicles as well, these criminals would certainly think twice before coming back.”

However, this measure would not be applicable exclusively to drug transactions. If the measure is enacted into law, then crimes involving illegal weapons or prostitution, which are carried out with the assistance of a vehicle, could result in authorities taking said vehicle. If this measure is implemented by local authorities here in Cape May County or elsewhere across New Jersey, the risks of being criminally charged with drug crime allegations and other offenses could be heightened.

However, not all individuals in New Jersey charged with a drug crime are dealers preying on young addicts. In fact, drug charges often land on the shoulders’ of juvenile offenders that simply make a poor decision.

A skilled attorney can assist adult and juvenile offenders alike in confronting drug charges to pursue the best outcome given the circumstances. The penalties for a drug crime conviction can be serious in New Jersey, so a strong defense is imperative.

Source: PolitickerNJ, “Norcross Measure to seize vehicles of crime advances,” May 13, 2013

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