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May 2013 Archives

Defense attorney secures favorable agreement in prostitution bust

Criminal defense is not always about defending innocence in New Jersey. Success in a criminal trial can come in varying degrees. When acquittal or having charges dropped is an unlikely outcome, a defense attorney can still work to fight for lesser charges and avoid the harshest consequences.

What impact can a juvenile offense have on college admittance?

While being charged with possession of marijuana or related offenses as a juvenile may seem like no big deal, the ramifications of such a conviction can be far-reaching. It is unfortunate when the blunders of youth hinder opportunity in adulthood because even really good teens in New Jersey can make a mistake from time to time.

Certain drug crime convictions could soon result in car seizure

A measure aimed to cut back on crime in New Jersey is advancing as the Senate recently approved legislation that would permit authorities to seize vehicles involved in certain illegal acts and exchanges. The measure appears to target drug crimes as the heroin epidemic in New Jersey continues to grow and spread into the suburbs.

Youthful indiscretion can carry grownup consequences

Sex crimes involving minors in particular are looked at with a level of disgust that almost surely means being ostracized from the community at large following conviction. However, individuals can be accused of crimes that he or she did not commit. It is imperative to aggressively defend against accusations of sex crimes in order to mitigate the serious consequences and stigma associated with such a conviction.

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