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Pill distribution ringleader sentenced to 11 years in prison

The frontrunner of a pain pill distribution ring in New Jersey pleaded guilty relating to the charges stemming from the operating which funneled a reported 40,000 prescription narcotics a week across New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts after it was busted following an extensive investigative operation. The New Jersey man has been sentenced to 11 years behind bars in a plea agreement.

The Attorney General says of this case, "By locking up the leader of this ring and his accomplices, we shut down their criminal enterprise so they can no longer contribute to the deadly national epidemic of painkiller abuse, which is killing roughly 40 Americans each day." Distribution of prescription medications has increased in recent years, and is leading to more charges and convictions.

According to the terms of the plea agreement, the New Jersey leader that was sentenced to 11 years also had to forfeit nine properties, a Mercedes and all of the cash taken during the investigation. In any circumstances related to drug investigations, it is never too soon to contact a criminal defense attorney.

Be that in relation to an operation of this scale or something much smaller, drug charges carry extremely serious consequences. It is imperative to examine all of the evidence against a charged individual, including the manner in which said evidence was obtained. Particularly in instances of undercover operations or stings, it is imperative to ensure that the evidence was not collected through an illegal search that led to drug charges.

With such serious consequences on the line, as soon as an individual suspects that they are under investigation or could charged as the circle of culpability extends in an organization of this nature, contacting an experienced legal attorney will be crucial to pursuing the best outcome.

Source:, "West Orange man sentenced to 11 years for leading pain pill distribution ring," Julia Terruso, March 28, 2013

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