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March 2013 Archives

Pill distribution ringleader sentenced to 11 years in prison

The frontrunner of a pain pill distribution ring in New Jersey pleaded guilty relating to the charges stemming from the operating which funneled a reported 40,000 prescription narcotics a week across New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts after it was busted following an extensive investigative operation. The New Jersey man has been sentenced to 11 years behind bars in a plea agreement.

White collar crime: Judge advocates for new sentencing guidelines

A prominent judge that is well versed in handing down sentences in white collar crimes is advocating that sentencing guidelines in such convictions change so as to exact a fair, realistic punishment. Presently, these sentences are primarily calculated based on the financial hit that these crimes yield.

Innocence is not always enough to avoid criminal convictions

Any individual in New Jersey that is issued any criminal charge is risking their future and their freedom in failing to aggressively defend against the criminal charge. There are instances in which an individual is wrongly accused of a crime -- be that a sex crime, a white collar crime or a violent crime -- yet the innocent defendant is still convicted. That suspect may think that because they are innocent, the matter will be cleared up, and apologies will be issued. The individual might think that by repeatedly stating their innocence, they will be fine.

Outstanding high school athletes charged in hazing allegations

When a juvenile is charged with a crime in New Jersey, there is so much at stake for that individual's future. Juveniles' brains are still developing, and this means that their decision making skills are nowhere near the level of an adult's. Unfortunately, this means that a momentary indiscretion in youth can hurt employment opportunities, higher education opportunities and so much more.

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