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Rape charges dropped against man in light of evidence accuser lied

In New Jersey, all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. However, this is not necessarily the case in the court of public opinion, particularly as it relates to sex crimes. Individuals that are charged with sex crimes are often quick to be condemned by the community, even when the individual is innocent. In such sensitive cases that have the potential for lasting repercussions both in a criminal court and within the community, it is critical to aggressively defend against accusations.

An out-of-state man that was in excellent standing in the community came under fire when a woman came forward, claiming that the gentleman attacked and raped her. However, prosecutors recently dropped the rape charges tarnishing this man's standing within the community when it began to appear as though the supposed text message that the man sent the woman confessing and apologizing for the crime was a hoax.

There is reason to believe that the woman claiming to be a victim and responsible for the charges against this man hacked into his phone to send the message to herself in an effort to frame him. This is inappropriate in any context, but when allegations of a sex crime are brought into play, this is particularly egregious.

Consequently, while the charges against the accused have been dropped, authorities are now conducting an investigation which could result in the woman that faked the text being charged.

It is hard for this man that at one time had stellar standing in the community to be happy about the outcome of this trail because while the charges have been dropped, he will likely still be associated with the crime he was once accused of. Hopefully, within time this will fade and this innocent man can regain his good standing within the community.

Source: CBS Detroit, "Rape Charges Dropped Against Michigan Firefighter," Feb. 12, 2013

  • Our firm has experience handling similarly sensitive cases in New Jersey. For more information, please refer to our Ocean City criminal defense page.

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