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Naked woman charged with drunk driving after crashing into a wall

In an unfortunate New Jersey DUI arrest, an out-of-state driver was arrested when she crashed into a wall. Reportedly, when police in Sparta Township stopped the woman to ask her about the crash, they were first taken aback because the 36-year-old woman was almost naked, wearing only an unzipped jacket according to a local report.

Police questioned why the woman was not wearing clothes and she denied being naked. The woman had a dress in the back of her vehicle so police requested she put that on before proceeding with questioning the woman. When the woman emerged several minutes later, her clothing was put on inside out. Police asked her about the crash and the woman had no recollection of the happenings.

Consequently, this woman was arrested and charged with drunk driving. While it could be tempting to find some humor in these unusual circumstances, there is nothing funny about the serious consequences associated with a DUI conviction in New Jersey.

Even if an individual is convicted of a drunk driving on a first time offense in New Jersey, they could be looking at thousands of dollars in fines, large insurance rate increases, loss of driving privileges, a court-ordered installation of an ignition interlock device and even time behind bars, depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest and conviction.

With the stakes so high it is often extremely beneficial for an individual that is charged with drunk driving in New Jersey to consult with an experienced defense attorney. An experienced attorney can assist individuals in fighting against such charges in pursuit of the best outcome.

Source: CBS News, "Nearly nude, totally drunk driver hits a wall in New Jersey, cops say," Barry Leibowitz, Jan. 21, 2013

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