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February 2013 Archives

Ocean City businessman pleads guilty to fraud

Businesspeople in New Jersey can come under scrutiny for their financial handlings in a variety of circumstances. In some instances authorities and investigators make a mistake, and in other instances stemming from severe financial pressure, the businessperson may make a mistake. Either scenario can yield serious white collar crime charges. If an individual is convicted of fraud or embezzlement in New Jersey, there can be serious criminal penalties in the form of steep fines and time behind bars.

Rape charges dropped against man in light of evidence accuser lied

In New Jersey, all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. However, this is not necessarily the case in the court of public opinion, particularly as it relates to sex crimes. Individuals that are charged with sex crimes are often quick to be condemned by the community, even when the individual is innocent. In such sensitive cases that have the potential for lasting repercussions both in a criminal court and within the community, it is critical to aggressively defend against accusations.

Juvenile arrests can rob New Jersey young adults of opportunity

Preparing to go to college is an exciting endeavor for many teens in New Jersey. Many students will spend hours meticulously filling out their college applications after touring campuses and deciding where they would like to spend the next four years of their life. Unfortunately, some students may feel completely defeated when they have to check yes next to the little box that asks if the student has ever been arrested.

Accidental 9-1-1 dial leads to serious charges

The reason that individuals in New Jersey and across the nation have the right to remain silent is because the things that a suspect says can be used against them in the court of law. This right is an effort to prevent an individual form incriminating him or herself. Unfortunately, an out-of-state 19-year-old was his own undoing when he mistakenly pocket dialed 9-1-1.

Naked woman charged with drunk driving after crashing into a wall

In an unfortunate New Jersey DUI arrest, an out-of-state driver was arrested when she crashed into a wall. Reportedly, when police in Sparta Township stopped the woman to ask her about the crash, they were first taken aback because the 36-year-old woman was almost naked, wearing only an unzipped jacket according to a local report.

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