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Ruled unconstitutional to ban sex offenders from Facebook

If an individual has been accused of a sex crime, they are in for an uphill battle. Often, regarding charges of such a sensitive nature, the court of public opinion does not seek to maintain the rights of the accused. Further, sex crime allegations in the court of public opinion are too often viewed as guilty until proven innocent -- the opposite what our justice system has been built on.

If an individual in New Jersey does find that they have come under accusation of a sex crime, it is critical to speak with an experience defense attorney as soon as possible. Examining all the evidence against an individual is crucial to fighting against such charges in an aggressive manner to avoid conviction, a tarnished reputation within the community and incredibly serious criminal consequences.

Often, there are far more consequences associated with a sex crime conviction than many other convictions. Beyond fines and jail time, an individual that is convicted of a sex crime could have to register as a sex offender, which could place burdening restrictions on the individual. Different states adopt different approaches to these punishments. In Indiana, a law was passed in 2008 that barred registered sex offenders the freedom to use social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

That law was recently ruled unconstitutional and the law was subsequently revered. However, this goes to show the serious and far-reaching implications of convictions of sex crimes in New Jersey and elsewhere around the country. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney is key to avoiding such a heavily monitored and restricted lifestyle following being charged with a sex crime.

Source: Asbury Park Press, "Website ban for sex offenders falls," Time Evans, Jan. 23, 2013

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