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January 2013 Archives

Ruled unconstitutional to ban sex offenders from Facebook

If an individual has been accused of a sex crime, they are in for an uphill battle. Often, regarding charges of such a sensitive nature, the court of public opinion does not seek to maintain the rights of the accused. Further, sex crime allegations in the court of public opinion are too often viewed as guilty until proven innocent -- the opposite what our justice system has been built on.

Personal breath testing devices could do more harm than good

There are all kinds of devices available to allegedly self-test an individual's level of intoxication. Everything from mobile applications to track eye movement through more complex options like breath testing devices that cost upwards of $300 are available for consumers in New Jersey and the rest of the nation. According to one report, this market yielded over $280 million in sales in 2011, and that figure is only expected in to increase.

Police fraud leads to cases being overturned and monetary damages

States throughout the nation take drug crimes very seriously. New Jersey is not an exception. Individuals who have gone through the process of being investigated, charged and convicted of a crime understand what an ordeal it can be. A total of 200 of those individuals in New Jersey whose drug convictions were ultimately overturned or cases dropped were recently able to experience another emotion-relief.

Defendant admits guilt but escapes punishment because of old age

An elderly man admitted that in the mid-1980s, he created an elaborate fraud scheme in which he dogged taxes on over $10 million worth of high-end caviar that was unlawfully imported from Russia and Iran. The then-69-year-old man was indicted in 1987, but he posted bail and fled the United States.

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