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Wisconsin spa shooter had a history of domestic violence

Ocean City residents may be interested to hear about a recent and widely publicized case involving domestic violence in Wisconsin. Lawmakers in the state are asking for answers from local law enforcement after a man who opened fire on his wife's work place was found to have faced no accountability for previous domestic violence suspicions. New Jersey residents with family law issues, especially those dealing with domestic violence, should be aware of their legal rights.

The man opened fire at a spa where his wife worked on Oct. 21. The attack resulted in the death of his wife and two others before the man took his own life. Court records show that the 45-year-old man had intimidated his wife long before, however. He had previously threatened to seriously hurt her and had vandalized her car multiple times. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that at least seven of the 20 visits made to family's home over the last decade were to investigate possible domestic violence.

Lawmakers are asking for a transparent investigation into the Brown Deer Police Department's history with the man and its domestic violence practices and policies. The lawmakers accused the department of not following a Wisconsin law requiring a mandatory arrest in domestic violence cases on two separate occasions.

Victims of domestic violence must deal with many difficulties and emotional distress. However, having a full understanding of their legal rights will help them make informed legal decisions about their situation. There is help available for those who need it.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Wis. lawmakers criticize cops in spa shooter case," Carrie Antlfinger, Nov. 1

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