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New Jersey woman caught in possible internet scheme facing charges

While the Internet has certainly opened up a world of opportunity for businesses and individuals across New Jersey, it has equally opened a portal through which individuals across the world are able misappropriate the power of the Internet for financial gain. This usually comes at the expense of unsuspecting individuals, which can also get caught in the middle and be left facing criminal charges.

Accordingly, white collar crimes have received a lot of attention in the media as a crusade to end identity theft, fraud and embezzlement is waged. However, at times the charges against an individual in New Jersey facing allegations of such actions aren't as straight forward as the media portrays the charges.

A southern New Jersey woman is facing charges related to embezzlement for her part in aiding a man she thought was working in Africa. The woman is charged with wiring almost $10,000 to the man. Reportedly, the woman held a position as treasurer of a competitive cheerleading club in Oaklyn, New Jersey. Police told reporters that the woman came into contact through an online dating website with the man that claimed to be working on a construction project in Africa that was in need of funds.

Police continue to investigate to determine the identity of this man that appears to have swindled this New Jersey woman. The circumstances surrounding the man convincing the woman to assist him with funds remain unknown, but the woman did cash six checks totaling almost $10,000 from the cheerleading club's account. The woman then wired the money to Ghana.

Consequently, she is facing charges of fraud. It is not unusual for treasurers to find themselves in precarious circumstances, much like this woman. There are cases in which individuals face charges because they were subjected to financial pressures, they misunderstood what was and was not acceptable, or they simply made a mistake.

Whatever the reason for facing charges, individuals can defend against white collar crimes. If a case for dismissal cannot be achieved, a defense team can work with prosecutors and negotiate to protect the freedom of the individual facing charges.

Source:, "S. Jersey woman accused of embezzling cheerleading funds, wiring them to Ghana," Associated Press, Oct. 20, 2012

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