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November 2012 Archives

Synthetic marijuana officially banned in New Jersey

Synthetic drugs seem to be garnering much attention in the press as of late. Substances like bath salt and synthetic marijuana can be appealing to curious teens, particularly because at one time substances of this nature were legally sold in New Jersey. In fact, synthetic marijuana was the third most-commonly used substance among high school seniors in 2011, according to a study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

New Jersey man charged with DUI for driving drunk to police station

Alcohol seems to go hand in hand with the holiday season. Having a few drinks with old friends that come to town or with family members is by no means uncommon in New Jersey. However, residents need exercise extreme caution because New Jersey does not take drunk driving lightly, even on the first offense. Additionally, authorities will likely be on high alert through the holiday season.

New Jersey sex crime convictions could mean lifetime supervision

Sex crime convictions in New Jersey can be devastating. Particularly with the application of Megan's Law throughout the state, a conviction can mean that an individual will be subjected to lifetime community supervision. This means that information regarding the individual's status as a sex offender could be made publically available.

New Jersey woman caught in possible internet scheme facing charges

While the Internet has certainly opened up a world of opportunity for businesses and individuals across New Jersey, it has equally opened a portal through which individuals across the world are able misappropriate the power of the Internet for financial gain. This usually comes at the expense of unsuspecting individuals, which can also get caught in the middle and be left facing criminal charges.

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