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Accused former Ocean City police officer maintains innocence

There are few crimes viewed as abhorrently in our society as that of sex crimes. Even mere accusations can damage the accused individual's reputation irreparably. For this reason, it is critical to aggressively defend against such accusations.

Residents have likely gotten wind by now that a retired Ocean City police officer was arrested last month on charges of sexual assault. The 49-year-old retired from Ocean City police department in 2011. In recent years this man served as a resource officer and then as a civilian hallway aide at Ocean City High School. Additionally, he also was a supervisor in the beach-tag office.

It is in his capacity as supervisor of the beach-tag office that this man is coming under accusation. According to the Cape May County Prosecutor, it is alleged that this man may have made sexual contact with an individual whom he possessed authority over. The individual is reported to have been between 16-18 years of age.

Sex crime accusations, particularly as they pertain to minors, are some of the most damaging ways to libel an individual in our community. This man maintains his innocence. His defense attorney states that the man fully plans on entering a plea of not guilty in response to these accusations.

This man's position in the high school was eliminated and the Superintendent also issued a letter to parents of students confirming that no students have come forward issuing allegations. This man's standing in Ocean City is in jeopardy at the moment. He is also presently suspended from his position with the beach-tag job.

If this man is convicted, he could spend as long as 10 years behind bars. His fate rests in the hands of his defense, a judge and the jury.

Source: Ocean City Patch, "Attorney: Cusack Will Plead Not Guilty To Sexual Assault," Jeanne Donohue, Sept. 1, 2012

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