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Are you a repeat DUI offender? You need to know your rights

Even though you know driving under the influence of alcohol is a bad idea, it's not out of the question that you could make a mistake. This holds true even if you have been arrested for a DUI in the past.

As you can imagine, a first-time DUI offender and a repeat DUI offender are not treated the same way by the court. Instead, with each subsequent arrest, your situation becomes more and more serious.

Do police need a warrant to draw blood for a DUI?

According to a recent decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court, police do not always require a warrant before obtaining a blood sample from a person who is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Recently, there was a 5 – 2 decision in the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding a case of a woman charged in a fatal crash about suppressing the results of a blood test. This reversed a lower court's decision from 2011.

What happens to a juvenile after an arrest in New Jersey?

If you're a parent, one of the worst phone calls you can get is one telling you that your child has been picked up by the police. Suddenly, his or her fate is out of your control. Everything is in the hands of the state and you aren't sure what is going to happen next or what you can do to protect your child.

Here are the basics you need to know:

Identity theft: A serious crime with serious consequences

Regardless of where you live in the United States, identity theft is a serious crime with the potential for serious consequences if convicted.

As the name implies, this crime comes into play when someone wrongfully obtains the personal data of another person in a way that involves deception or fraud.

What types of drugs might your college student find on campus?

Sending your high school graduate off to college may cause mixed emotions. On the one hand, you feel excitement for your child's future. On the other hand, you know that he or she will face certain temptations that could derail that future.

Drugs are prominent on many college campuses here in New Jersey, just as they are across the country. The question you may ask is what drugs your college student may be exposed to, if any. Like most other parents, the last thing you want is to find out that police arrested your child for drug possession.

Can you be arrested for texting about drug use?

You send a text to one of your friends over the weekend, telling him or her that you're using drugs.

Forget for a moment if the text was truthful or not. Maybe it was just an inside joke. Maybe you were making it up just to brag because you knew your friend would be impressed. Maybe not. Is it illegal to send a text message about illegal activity, such as using drugs? Could you get arrested?

Don’t let a traffic violation impact your life

Some traffic violations are more serious than others, but every one requires your full and undivided attention.

Many people, especially those who have never received a traffic violation in the past, are unsure of what happens after they receive a ticket.

How to approach a first offense DUI charge

Driving under the influence is dangerous, regardless of how much you have had to drink or where you are located.

While some people already have a DUI conviction on their record, others find themselves dealing with a criminal charge for the first time. Without targeted knowledge of the law, it can be a challenge to decide what to do next.

Off-duty police officer faces DUI allegations

On New Year's Eve, a police officer from Highland Park was involved in a car accident. He was not on duty at the time. However, the man is now facing allegations that he was intoxicated when the crash occurred.

Two people wound up in the hospital as a result of the wreck.

Are you familiar with insider trading?

Like many, you share the goal of making money in the stock market. You realize that there is money to be had, so you're willing to do whatever it takes to put yourself in position to succeed.

Unfortunately, it's this approach that leads many people down the wrong path. Insider trading is an illegal activity that can result in a serious punishment in the event of a conviction.

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