Get the Compensation You Need After a Truck Accident

The size and weight of semis, tractor-trailer rigs and other commercial trucks make any collision with a car, truck or van a horrifying event for drivers and passengers. If you have been involved in this type of crash, whether your injuries are severe or moderate, it can be critical to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who will focus on obtaining fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages if you cannot work, and other damages.

Expert Investigation to Build the Best Possible Case for You

At The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, located in the Atlantic City area, we are well-qualified to represent your interests after a commercial vehicle or trucking accident. We are committed to:

  • Employing qualified experts as necessary to investigate the accident and establish causes and liability, working to uncover key factors such as driver fatigue caused by too many hours on the road or a trucking company's violation of state or federal trucking regulations
  • Pursuing the maximum benefit of all available sources of compensation for you, including all applicable insurance coverage

Standing Strong Against Insurers and Corporations That Deny Liability

Trucking companies and their insurers may be extremely aggressive in denying liability for your injuries. Leveraging decades of experience, our experienced New Jersey truck accident lawyer can match their resources and stand firm in defense of your right to compensation.

Whether your truck or commercial vehicle accident case ultimately calls for skilled negotiation or litigation in a courtroom, we will keep the focus on a just result that allows you to recover physically and financially. You can depend on our legal team to prioritize your medical treatment and other essential needs.

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Your decision to contact us for legal counsel after an accident involves no financial risk whatsoever. We will evaluate your potential case free of charge, advise you of legal options and charge no attorney fees unless we take action and win compensation that benefits you.