Divorce Can Have a Permanent Impact on Your Financial Health

Nearly every divorce has a significant financial impact on all parties involved. Whether you have only modest property and resources or extremely valuable assets such as real estate and retirement accounts at stake, having an experienced lawyer on your side can be essential to getting through divorce in the best financial shape possible.

At The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, located in the Atlantic City area, our family law attorney is highly experienced in the area of property division. We stand ready to defend your financial stability and future aggressively. Calling on outside experts as necessary to evaluate property and clarify ownership of disputed assets, we are here to help you make sound decisions and take effective legal action.

Avoiding Risky Assumptions and Building the Strongest Possible Case for You

It can be a serious mistake to depend solely on the court to determine the division of your property. What the court decides may not be fair and just to you. In New Jersey, an equal split of assets "down the middle" is far from certain. Complex factors such as children's best interests, each spouse's financial and nonfinancial contributions to the family, and whether property should be considered non-marital may all enter into the equation.

Tackling Complex Issues With Your Best Interests Always in View

At The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, you can work with a lawyer dedicated to protecting your financial interests and helping you plan for life after divorce. Our work with you will include gauging the impact of child support and alimony payments, as well as:

  • Acquiring fair, professional appraisals of valuable assets such as your family home, other real estate, retirement accounts, pensions, investments and business interests
  • Turning to accountants and other experts for evidence we need to defend an inheritance, gifts to you or other assets that should not be subject to division
  • Helping ensure that your divorcing spouse discloses all income and assets subject to property division — including self-employment income or hidden sources of money

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Our New Jersey family law attorney will take your personal and financial goals seriously from day one, and we will apply our decades of experience to obtain the settlement you deserve. Please contact us today to begin building your case for a favorable property division settlement that takes your rights and needs into account.