Divorce Is Life-Changing, Let Us Help You Through

Since 1981, The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, has represented men and women facing divorce in the Atlantic City area and throughout South Jersey. Our clients benefit from personal attention and sensitivity to all potential issues, however complex. We have built a network of quality professional resources to help us work toward the most positive, efficient resolution possible in your case.

Please schedule a consultation with our New Jersey family law attorney to discuss your key goals, your pressing concerns and the best approach to your case. We offer affordable, knowledgeable legal representation when you need someone you can trust to help you make sound decisions for your future.

Defending and Asserting Your Rights to Children and Property

We will begin by hearing you out, explaining relevant laws and working to fully understand what matters most to you, including:

  • Establishing a child custody, visitation and support arrangement that serves your children's best interests and protects your parent-child relationships
  • Protection of your rights in a property division settlement that, according to New Jersey law, does not automatically involve an equal split of marital assets
  • Fairly resolving whether alimony — also called spousal support or maintenance — will be paid by either ex-spouse to the other, as well as how much and for how long

Prepared to Handle Complex Challenges With Skill and Decisiveness

We represent people across the spectrum of life along the Jersey Shore, from wage-earners and full-time parents to licensed professionals and business owners. Our experience extends to cases involving tough issues such as domestic violence, disputed child custody and the fair division of complex assets such as 401(k) accounts, pensions, other investments and shared ownership in a business.

You can count on our Atlantic City family law lawyer to clearly explain your rights, offer honest counsel based on a wealth of experience, and keep your interests in view every step of the way. To meet with a lawyer who will focus on helping you get through divorce with your life intact and minimal regret, please call 609-736-2203 today.