Will Alimony Be Awarded in My Divorce?

Whether spousal support — still often called alimony — should be awarded at all, and if so, how much and for how long, can be one of the most intensely contested issues in a New Jersey divorce. Unlike child support orders, which are determined according to a relatively straightforward formula, spousal support/alimony awards are often based on many subjective factors and the discretion of a judge.

Located in the Atlantic City area, The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, is a proven resource for people who need strong defense of their financial interests during divorce. You can turn to our family law attorney for honest counsel and a determined effort to win the best outcome for you.

Negotiations or Courtroom Litigation Targeting the Best Outcome for You

We can help you form realistic expectations and understand legal options whether you believe you should receive alimony or want to avoid or minimize an order to pay it. The range of possible outcomes is substantial, including orders for:

  • Permanent alimony — usually in force until the recipient's remarriage or cohabitation with their new partner — or temporary alimony for a specified time period
  • Rehabilitative alimony, based on a plan submitted to the court for the recipient spouse's education or job training
  • Reimbursement alimony, usually applicable if one spouse has financed the other's advanced education or a business venture

Understanding Your Needs and Working All Legal Angles on Your Behalf

At our firm in Marmora, New Jersey, an attorney will help you fully understand the factors the court may consider in entering a spousal support award. These may include the length of your marriage, the parties' needs and ability to pay, and each divorcing spouse's earning capacity. In high-stakes and intensely contested cases, we can call on qualified experts to testify on your behalf.

If you believe issues such as alimony, child custody and visitation or property division may be contested in your divorce, it is critical to seek legal counsel and representation by a skilled, responsive lawyer who is immersed in understanding New Jersey statutes and effective divorce litigation strategies. For honest, determined legal help, contact us today.