Protect Your Financial and Parental Interests During Family Law Disputes

Anyone considering or facing divorce has a series of critical decisions ahead. Other family law challenges — from a legal separation to a stepparent adoption or an action to modify child support — also call for a clear understanding of your legal rights and choices.

Whether you believe your divorce or other family law matter can be handled calmly and amicably or you know key issues will be intensely disputed, your decision to contact a dedicated, trustworthy lawyer could make all the difference. At our firm, you can benefit from our lawyer's decades of experience helping people throughout the Atlantic City area protect their rights, achieve their goals and move forward in life.

Trustworthy Knowledge and Guidance on Issues That Matter Most to You

We are prepared to offer compassionate informed counsel and decisive action. We are versed in New Jersey family laws and all available strategies for handling:

  • Getting through your divorce or legal separation
  • Issues of child custody and child support — including cases involving allegations of domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse, or other bad conduct
  • Protecting your finances during the property division process — including real estate, automobiles, retirement accounts, family business interests and other assets
  • Spousal support/alimony awards and settlements
  • Post-divorce modifications of support, custody or other orders
  • Prenuptial and other marital agreements
  • Domestic partnership matters
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Child guardianship rights for grandparents and other relatives

Consult a Caring, Efficient and Results-Focused Lawyer Today

Respected in the courts and business community alike, we have built a strong network of professional resources for building your case and targeting the outcomes you want. If you live anywhere in Atlantic County or South Jersey, we encourage you to request a consultation to discuss your needs with an attorney who will be sensitive to your issues and offer practical guidance and solutions.