Decades of Experience in White Collar Criminal Defense

If you have been charged or learned you are under investigation for any type of "white collar crime" such as embezzlement or fraud, a lawyer at The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, is prepared to talk through the circumstances with you, assess your legal options and develop a solid strategy.

Whether the case against you is strong or authorities have made a mistake, you can benefit from attorney Jeffery April's decades of experience in New Jersey criminal defense. Call 609-736-2203 or 800-724 7232 to work with a law firm that will put its resources and reputation to work for you in the Atlantic City area and throughout South Jersey.

Gathering the Facts and Building Your Best Defense

We understand that many factors can enter into a white collar crime arrest, including severe financial pressure, misunderstandings about authority in the work environment and accounting mistakes. You will be treated with care and respect at our firm as we thoroughly investigate the case and determine whether to:

  • Build your case for a dismissal of fraud, embezzlement, theft or other charges — or an acquittal at trial
  • Negotiate with prosecutors in an all-out effort to protect your freedom and explore alternatives such as restitution and psychological counseling

Attorney April is prepared to represent you assertively as a businessperson with access to funds or a treasurer of any organization facing charges that may include wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement or illegal use of the Internet for financial gain.

Call 609-736-2203 Now to Work With a Business-Savvy, Experienced Lawyer

Please do not delay seeking experienced legal counsel if you have been questioned or come under investigation for any type of financial crime. As soon as possible, request a consultation with a white collar crime defense lawyer who will take your case seriously and immediately put substantial resources and credibility to work for your future.