Domestic Violence Charges Can Derail Your Life

If you have been accused of assault, domestic violence or an offense such as violating a restraining order, it is essential to take the allegations seriously and seek experienced legal counsel. Having a conviction for a violent offense on your record can have severe implications on your job prospects, participation in community activities and other aspects of your life.

When you contact The Law Office of Jeffery A. April, Esquire, in the Atlantic city area, you can depend on personal, respectful attention to your needs. Our deep experience in criminal defense, as well as family law enables us to find innovative solutions to tough legal challenges, including allegations of spousal abuse.

Skilled Defense Against Charges That Can Seriously Damage Your Future

Respected criminal defense attorney Jeffery April is prepared to investigate what happened and defend your rights resourcefully if you have been:

  • Charged with simple assault, attempted simple assault or harassment — disorderly persons offenses that may arise either from causing bodily injury or allegations of "menacing conduct" such as making threats
  • Arrested for domestic violence or domestic abuse, a charge that can have very serious consequences even if no injury occurred
  • Served with a restraining order that may require you to leave your home and lose contact with your children — or if you have been charged with violating a restraining order

Protecting You From Harsh Consequences and Valuing Your Future

Police throughout the South Jersey communities we serve often make assault and domestic violence arrests based on one person's account of what happened. Our New Jersey domestic violence lawyer will work to ensure your side of the story is heard and considered. We can work toward withdrawal of the charges, your acquittal or alternatives to a conviction that may involve anger management classes or other counseling.

Facing an assault or domestic violence charge without a skilled defense attorney on your side is a serious risk. To work with a legal team focused on protecting your freedom, reputation and future, please arrange a consultation at our law firm now.