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September 2015 Archives

How is child support payment enforced?

Child support is an extremely important area of family law that is designed to ensure that children are able to maintain the same or nearly the same quality of life after a divorce that they became accustomed to before the divorce. Many factors go into determining what is considered a fair amount of child support, including the income of the parent paying child support and the amount of time that a parent can spend with the child directly.

Man alleges domestic violence against his partner

Same-sex marriage has been a very popular topic for many people all across the country for the past few months. The legalization of same-sex marriage has understandably contributed to a surge in interest about same-sex couples and their rights under the law, with issues such as adoption for same-sex couples, prenuptial agreements and even divorce commonly arising. While these are all fairly normal concepts of family law and the family unit, there is another aspect of family life that is not as commonly addressed in the context of same-sex couples: domestic violence.

Legal assistance for same-sex couples

Same-sex couples have always been able to benefit from the help of family law attorneys, though the need for legal advice certainly increased back in 2013 when same-sex marriage was officially legalized in the state. With same-sex marriage now legalized all across the country, there are many additional legal questions that are being raised about same-sex marriage and its place in the law.

Two NJ residents wanted for failure to pay child support

When it comes to child support, there are many considerations that the courts must look at in order to determine a payment that is fair to both parties. Only with assistance from the divorcing couple and their attorneys can the courts gain a clear enough picture of both individuals' life circumstances, which is important in determining a fair payment. Unfortunately, these payments are still not always fair, but individuals are encouraged to remember that a child support order is a legal mandate, and must be followed.

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