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May 2015 Archives

Do not underestimate the importance of your divorce case

Divorce proceedings are amongst the most important areas of legal practice. Oftentimes they dictate the circumstances that will govern the futures of two individuals after the divorce. If there are children involved, then the divorce proceedings become even more important as they manage aspects of how the child will be brought up and who will have the power to make decisions in the child's best interests for years to come.

Failing to pay child support is a crime

Child support is almost always a contentious issue in divorce, with parties disagreeing on whether or not the payment is fair. Understandably, the parent paying the child support usually feels that they should not have to give up their hard-earned money, and the parent receiving the child support often struggles to make ends meet even with the financial assistance. Unfortunately, some people who feel that their money is theirs simply decide to stop paying their child support.

Civil Unions in New Jersey

Same-sex marriage is an extremely hot topic in our country at the moment, with support for same-sex marriages growing, and more and more states legalizing the practice. While same-sex marriage is not technically legal in New Jersey, our state does recognize civil unions, which are family units which essentially treats same-sex couples the same way as married heterosexual couples under the law. This includes the rights that straight couples in a marriage must abide by.

Social media is the newest culprit behind many divorces

Divorce in New Jersey is like divorce around the world: countless reasons exist for getting one. In recent years with the rise of social media, more and more couples point to Facebook and Twitter for leading to the deterioration of their marriages. In fact, according to a recent British survey of 2,000 married couples, dubious activity by one spouse or the other on a social network caused one out of seven couples to consider divorce. That telling statistic makes it clear that the proliferation of Internet connectivity can affect almost every aspect of life and even create dissension within a marriage.

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