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April 2015 Archives

Physical effects of divorce on children

As some New Jersey parents may know, the debate over whether children of divorced parents do better when custody is jointly shared continues. A recently-published study evaluated this issue and drew a conclusion based on information from 150,000 respondents.

Domestic violence in New Jersey

Although many people think of physical abuse when they hear the term domestic violence, the term refers to far much more. Domestic violence occurs when one partner acts in such a way to try to have power and control over the other partner. They may do so through sexual, financial, psychological, emotional or physical abuse.

Changing beneficiaries after divorce is important

As some New Jersey residents know, the individual designated as a beneficiary on insurance policies, bank and retirement accounts remains the beneficiary until that individual is removed. In the case of divorce, this may be overlooked, and an ex-spouse may collect in the event of the other spouse's death. Variations in state statutes may seek to circumvent this, but whomever is named as the beneficiary, despite marital circumstances, will receive the proceeds under federal law.

Money mistakes to avoid in a New Jersey divorce

In many cases, if both parties leave a divorce settlement feeling like they gave up too much, it generally means that the agreement was a fair one. However, there are some instances where a New Jersey couple may not feel as if the settlement was beneficial to one or both sides. For instance, if one person was awarded a marital home, it could be hard to pay the mortgage or maintain it alone.

Divorce and Social Security benefits

Individuals in New Jersey who are divorcing may wonder how a divorce will affect any Social Security benefits that they might receive from their ex-spouse. In most cases, individuals who were married for fewer than 10 years cannot claim spousal or survivor benefits. However, survivor benefits will be distributed with fewer than 10 years of marriage if the individual is caring for a disabled child or a child under the age of 16 who is eligible for benefits.

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