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March 2015 Archives

Child support nonpayment and Social Security benefits

New Jersey courts approach child support cases with the belief that both parents should share financial responsibility in the child's upbringing. A key philosophy behind a child support order issued as part of a divorce decree is that children should be able to live in a manner similar to what they would have enjoyed if their parents had remained together.

Marriages with seriously ill wives more likely to end in divorce

New Jersey couples in relationships in which one spouse is ill may be interested to learn about recent findings in a divorce study. Data reportedly demonstrates that marriages with wives that become seriously ill are 6 percent more likely to end in divorce than marriages in which neither spouse is ill. In the study, there was no increased chance of divorce for couples in which the husband was sick.

Child support issues and gender differences

New Jersey parents may face challenges when child support is owed but not payed. However, the issue of deadbeat parents is more commonly perceived as a problem involving fathers who fail to support their children. With more than 18 percent of custodial parents being fathers in 2011, statistics indicate that deadbeat moms could be a problem as well.

Lower divorce rates for medical professionals

According to a study, New Jersey health care professionals may be less likely to divorce than people who work outside the health care field. The study was conducted over a period of five years and looked at more than 240,000 medical professionals throughout the country. While around 35 percent of individuals in professions outside of health care are divorced, many professions within the field showed lower numbers.

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