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February 2015 Archives

An overview of parenting plans for New Jersey families

Although divorce can be emotionally difficult for all parties involved, a plan for parents to address the needs of a child can minimize stresses while ensuring that both parents are able to continue to be involved in the life of a young person. In fact, most custody issues can be resolved prior to a case reaching the court. Legal assistance can be important as negotiation and other alternative dispute resolution options are pursued.

How to keep the divorce process simple and affordable

Pursuing a divorce can be a complex, stressful and expensive process. How complicated and costly a divorce is generally depends on the actions of those involved. By making a point of keeping things candid and cost-effective, New Jersey couples can get divorced without having to deal with inessential legal bills.

Situations when child support can continue beyond age 18

When couples with children divorce in New Jersey, the divorce agreement will in most cases address child support payments. Who receives money, how much is paid, and for how long are the basic terms that need to be established. Typically, child support is required to be paid until the child reaches the age of majority. This means the child is no longer considered a minor and can make legal decisions. In New Jersey and most other states, the age of majority is 18.

How is a legal separation different from a divorce?

New Jersey couples who want to end their marriages could choose to divorce, or, in some cases, they could first try a trial separation. In some cases, due to religious beliefs or tax considerations, a permanent separation in lieu of divorce may be the better choice. In both cases, the major issues will largely be the same.

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