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January 2015 Archives

Tax tips for unmarried or divorced parents

Unmarried and divorced parents in New Jersey might not realize that there are some tax credits of which they could take advantage. For example, they may want to consider filing as head of household and for certain types of credits on their 2014 tax return.

New Jersey grandparents and visitation rights

New Jersey grandparents may not realize that they might have some visitation rights to their grandchildren. In recent decades, state laws have changed to allow nonparents to file for the right to visit children with whom they have a relationship. While some states only allow grandparents to file for visitation when parents divorce or if one parent is deceased, New Jersey permits grandparents to do so even if the family remains intact. However, state law may conflict with federal law to some extent. Constitutionally, parents have a right to control the upbringing of their children, and a 2000 U.S. Supreme Court ruling favored the rights of a parent over the grandparents.

What is virtual visitation?

As some New Jersey parents may know, virtual visitation is becoming popular as a way to allow divorced parents to interact with their children in an entirely new way. Virtual visitation, like any other type of visitation, may be included in the parenting plan with the court's approval.

What are the different types of restraining orders?

New Jersey residents who have been the victims of domestic violence may be interested in learning about the benefits and merits of different restraining orders. Applicants are required to file a petition in their residing county, the respondent's residing county or the county where the inciting incident occurred. New Jersey residents may either apply for a final restraining order, a temporary restraining order or an emergency restraining order. The type of restraining order issued typically depends on how imminent the judge believes the threat to be.

When non-custodial parents do not visit their child

It can be highly frustrating and angering for custodial parents in New Jersey when the non-custodial parents fail to exercise their visitation rights. Unfortunately, some non-custodial parents do disengage from their child's life, and the custodial parent may be at a loss about what to do.

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