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December 2014 Archives

What child support covers in New Jersey

Child support may be ordered by a New Jersey court in amounts designed to cover a number of things beyond the basic needs of a child. Many parents have mistaken beliefs that child support is in place simply to provide for such things as food and clothing for the child, but child support can be used for far more things.

Same-sex couples face unique difficulties during a divorce

Many New Jersey couples are basically aware of the many difficult issues that need to be resolved in the event of a divorce. Yet, the unique issues that arise when same-sex couples decide to dissolve their marriage are less clear, in large party due to the relatively small body of case law pertaining to these nontraditional partnerships in New Jersey.

New Jersey parents ordered to pay daughter's tuition

Some New Jersey parents may wonder if they are obligated to pay for their child's college education. This depends on whether the parents are divorced or not. The New Jersey Supreme Court in 1982 ruled that college might be considered something that is essential for a child's future, and divorced parents may be obligated to pay for their child's higher education.

Report states divorce rate is dropping

A good deal of people in New Jersey may consider it common knowledge that 50 percent of marriages in America end in divorce. However, a recent analysis of statistics reportedly indicates that the figure is inaccurate and that, further, the rate of divorce is actually dropping.

How is property divided in New Jersey?

When a couple in New Jersey dissolves their marriage and cannot come to an agreement regarding property division on their own, a court will divide their marital property according to the rules of equitable distribution. This means each spouse does not get an equal portion of the marital assets. Rather, each receives an amount that is fair. Under this system, a spouse who contributes more to a marriage may receive more of the marital assets at the end of the marriage.

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