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October 2014 Archives

Establishing a parenting plan during a divorce

During a divorce, it is often best for children when parents form an arrangement that allows both parents to spend time with the children. When a couple in New Jersey dissolves their relationship, a parenting plan details issues concerning raising a child and sets a schedule for when each parent has contact with the child. These plans sometimes outline the abilities each parent has in regards to health care, decision-making, education, financial support and religious upbringing. While the schedule in the parenting plan will be influenced by each parent's work obligations and by school activities and holidays, parents should also consider what a child needs based on his or her age.

'When can a restraining order be issued?

New Jersey residents who are experiencing domestic violence may ask for legal protection from their abuser. Restraining orders are used to legally accomplish that. There are two forms: a temporary and final restraining order. The conditions vary and differ according to individual circumstances.

Child custody in New Jersey

In New Jersey child custody disputes, the courts consider the rights of parents equally in making their decisions. After considering the best interests of the child, a court may then order sole custody, joint custody or any other custody arrangement the court determines is in the child's best interest.

How child support is determined in New Jersey

New Jersey courts use a set of statutory guidelines to inform them when they are making a determination regarding the amount of child support that should be paid. While judges do take into account the respective incomes of the parents, they also consider the anticipated custody arrangement as well as other factors in setting the final child support order.

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