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August 2014 Archives

New Jersey couple taken into custody for domestic dispute

According to Saddle Brook police, they responded to a report of a woman who allegedly stabbed her husband on the morning of August 8. The report of the alleged domestic violence incident came in just after 9 a.m. Officials say that a woman reportedly stabbed her husband in the neck. The woman was taken into custody on charges of illegal possession of a weapon and second-degree aggravated assault. The husband was taken to a medical center where he was treated for his injury and later released.

Court rules in favor of same-sex stepparent visitation rights

On Aug. 6, a New Jersey court ruled in favor of a stepmother in a same-sex relationship who requested custody and visitation rights to the child she had spent several years co-parenting. According to the court, such rights should be granted if they are in the best interests of the child.

Parents face jail if they can't pay child support

Bergen County in New Jersey has a program that is intended to help parents who are behind on their child support payments, but some individuals who are in it claim it simply keeps putting them back in jail and hinders their ability to find a job. Many times those who are delinquent claim that their income doesn't even come close to the amount they need, which is sometimes in the six figure range.

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