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March 2014 Archives

Social media may complicate divorce

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words might be truer today than it ever was. New Jersey residents may know the items posted on social media not only persist but tell a tale for everyone to hear. If this occurs during a divorce, it might result in both financial and custodial problems.

Court refuses to budge on divorce settlement

Sources report that the New Jersey Appellate Division has agreed with a trial-court ruling that ordered a father to pay $112,500 for his estranged daughter's law school tuition. During their divorce, the father and mother signed an agreement in which they each consented to pay for half of their daughter's graduate level education.

The Affordable Care Act may make divorce easier

Until recently, the best that many New Jersey citizens getting a divorce could do for individual health plans was thanks to a federal law called COBRA. This law allowed divorcing spouses to continue their health insurance coverage on their ex's employee-sponsored plan after divorce. COBRA benefits last for 36 months and require enrollees to pay the full cost of the insurance premium without the help of the employer, which often made the premiums too expensive for divorcees.

More fathers becoming single parents

New Jersey residents who are embroiled in child custody disputes may be interested in a study released by Pew Research. In 1960, a study of American homes containing minor children revealed that approximately 1.9 million of them were headed by single women. Less than 300,000 homes contained a single father. Contrastingly, single-father households skyrocketed to more than 2.6 million in 2011. This comprises eight percent of households with minor children. Meanwhile, families headed by a single mother have experienced a more modest four-fold increase, totaling approximately 8.6 million homes in 2011.

What same-sex couples with kids should consider when separating

What happens to children when New Jersey couples divorce is usually a complicated matter, but when parents are of the same sex circumstances can be even more complex. All divorcing parents must face custody issues and the question of child support, but same-sex couples also have to deal with state and federal laws regarding gay marriage and divorce. There are a few key considerations a parent in a same-sex couple should take into account when considering separation from their partner.

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